Spirotherm® Engineering Services

Spirotherm has designed numerous Custom Air Eliminators, Dirt Separators, and Combination Air / Dirt models to assist engineers and owners in meeting their system layout and performance objectives.  Large central plant designers are typically looking for ways to efficiently deal with air, dirt, and sediment, which will allow other capital equipment to meet their operational specs along with improving overall system performance.  Space is most often a concern and Spirotherm's engineers will review all possible options for a custom design that fits the available space yet maintain the world class Spirovent® efficiencies.  Upon request our local representative personnel and / or factory regional staff will visit the site to confirm design objectives and review any installation and application constraints that may be present.  From custom designed dimensions to units in parallel, to multiple unit application options, Spirotherm has a well documented history and solid references for unique systems.  Issues dealing with other critical elements such as velocities and pressure drop have also resulted in custom designs with performance efficiency always at the forefront.  All options and design parameters will be reviewed and the most cost effective solution offered.  Contact your local representative office or the factory to request assistance.




American Museum of

Natural History

Custom 30" Air Eliminator

IM Flash Technologies

Custom 14" All Stainless

Steel Air Eliminator

Penn State University

Custom Combination

36" Air & Dirt Model


University of Delaware

Custom Combination

30" Air & Dirt Model

University of Nebraska

Custom Combination

30" Air & Dirt in Parallel

Univ. of Oklahoma

Custom 18" Air & Dirt

Multiple Units