Hydraulic Separator with Air & Magnetic Dirt Separator

Unlike other products, which are empty vessels or include only a baffle plate, the Spirovent Quad VDX combines the features and benefits of the industry leading Spirovent® air eliminator and Spirotrap® magnet dirt separator with a center chamber between the four nozzles.  Used primarily as a hydraulic separator in a low loss header design, it is available in brass from 1" through 2".


Our patented coalescing element and dirt separation medium completely fills the internal volume of the vessel providing unsurpassed efficiency. For units 1" through 1½", powerful magnets surround the flow path to separate ferrous material. Connections have been engineered and placed to allow for the ultimate in hydraulic balance.


Spirocombi Magnet

The unique construction of this combined unit allows for the removal of both entrained air and dirt particles. The patented Spirotube®, the core of the Spirovent Quad unit, causes air bubbles to rise and collect in the low turbulence air separation chamber before being released via an integral automatic valve. Dirt and sediment sink through the low velocity, low turbulence separation chamber to the bottom of the unit, eliminating any blockage concerns.


For additional details, refer to the product sheet or product brochures.