Air & Dirt Separator

Providing two full flow functions in one vessel, the Spirovent® VDT, VHT, VDN, and VHN Air Eliminator / Dirt Separators improve system operation without the need for high maintenance side-stream filters. Optionally with magnets to capture ferrous material.
Primarily for commercial applications, the Spirovent® VSR and VHR Air Eliminators solve system problems that had been considered "normal" for decades.
The Spirovent Quad® VDX Series provides hydraulic separation combined with features of the Spirovent and Spirotrap, all within a low loss header design.
We can customize any unit to meet your specific needs. Whether it requires dimensional changes or specific materials such as stainless steel, we can help.
Primarily for condenser water systems, the Spirotrap® TDT, THT, TDN, and THN Dirt Separators help prevent fouling and improves chiller operation.
The Spirotop VTP's low profile vent valve is a leak-resistant, high point vent that fits just about anywhere. The Spirotop resists dirt particles which can cause ordinary vents to leak.